The Forex Heat Map is a real time visual map of the forex market. It is used for spotting strength and weakness in individual currencies. It also verifies and validates any trade entry across 30 currency pairs and 10 currencies. The heatmap will also point traders to additional trading opportunities in the same parallel/inverse group of pairs that you may have not considered during the trade planning process.​ We refer to these as supplemental trades. The Forex Heat Map also tells traders when the market or individual currency groups have mixed or inconsistent signals and therefore it tells you when NOT to enter a trade.​ The Forex Heat Map does not know the strength and quality of the trend, the direction of the trend, or even if a trend exists on the specified pair. The heatmap does not know if the trend cycle has just started, or if the pair has already moved deep into the trend. The heatmap does not evaluate the current market conditions, i.e, trending, choppy, cycling or ranging, etc. for you nor does it analyze support and resistance levels.

Forex Heat Map